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As some of you will know, I've been a full time singer-songwriter since the start of 2016 and met a lot of lovely supportive people along the way. I know some people would like the opportunity to support me even more, and joining me "backstage" is your chance.

What it means for you (what you get):

- Exclusive early (and advanced) demos of new songs and a chance to hear the songs develop as I work on them to get them ready for release.

- A chance to give direct feedback on the new songs, and let me know what works for you and what doesn't. It's likely your feedback will influence what makes the grade and gets put on future albums.

- Regular (monthly) streamed concerts from my studio, and YOU can help write the set list.

- A glimpse in to life as a full time singer-songwriter.

- Exclusive special edition copies of future releases, with extra content, special packaging, etc. The longer you've been "backstage", the more special the edition!

- 50% discount on everything not included in the backstage deal.

What it means for me:

- A forum to try new songs and get valuable feedback from people that I know are on my side.

- Regular income stream that will allow me to continue putting all my efforts in to creating music.

- A warm feeling, knowing that people care about my music.

What you get:

You’re a supporterThank you!
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Phil Cooper
England, UK
Energetic singer-songwriter with a knack for earworms, entertaining and including the audience in the show.

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